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The Celebration of Centennial Anniversary of SNUSD with Alumni
writer: administrator   |   date: 2019.09.23   |   count: 803



“The Centennial Anniversary of SNUSD with Alumni” was held on the 2nd floor of SNUSD main building on Saturday August 31st. Three years prior to its centennial anniversary of SNUSD in 2022, the Alumni Representative of each year along with members of General Alumni Committee were all invited to share the progress report done by SNUSD organizing committee and further to discuss future plans for the preparation of the anniversary.

Dean of SNUSD, Jung-Suk Han said in his speech, ”I am appreciative of being able to share stories about the SNUSD centennial anniversary with representatives of alumni and members of Alumni Committee. Especially I am very grateful that Mr. Jae-Hyun Lee, 10th Alumni, can be with us today. In three years, it will be the centennial anniversary of SNUSD and there are a good deal of things to be done. I hope this occasion will be the opportunity to share the wisdom with SNUSD alumni and general alumni committee together.”
President of SNUDH, Ku articulated his gratitude by saying, “Once again it was a moment of realization that our school has a long history with well-established tradition. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our 10th alumni along with junior alumni. Undoubtedly SNUDH is a top-notch hospital which can compete with internationally renowned counterparts. All these have been only possible thanks to all alumni.”
President of General Alumni Committee, Hee-Woon Park, welcomed the attendees by saying, “I am very pleased to be able to discuss about the upcoming anniversary with all of you. We shall keep the enduring legacy which all the senior alumni have built so far and will keep on doing so. Further, we will work together with SNUSD for the centennial anniversary.”
Meanwhile, after the meeting was ended, attendees who visited seldom had the opportunities to explore the ever-changing school and were very pleased with its progress. Afterwards, they enjoyed dinner on the 3rd floor roof-top in the main building and spent time reminiscing about the past and had a chance to experience a sense of fellowship.