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SNUSD 2019 Grand Summer Seminar for School Development
writer: administrator   |   date: 2019.07.11   |   count: 1073


SNU School of Dentistry hosted 2019 Grand Summer Seminar for School Development in a resort in Gangwon-do, on July 5th - 6th. 60 professors of SNUSD attended the seminar.  

Dean of SNUSD and Hospital Director of SNUDH opened the seminar with greetings, and professors discussed many issues such as 'Patent application and business start-up for professors' duty invention', 'Amendment of regulation on recommendation of candidate for a Dean', 'Present condition and improvement proposal on integrated course', 'Preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of SNUSD', 'Inbound Scholarship', and 'Developing and supporting project for a university leading international cooperation'. 

Prof. Jaepil Choi, College of Engineering, SNU, gave lecture with a theme of 'Architecture: Human & Space', and there was also an education on 'Counselling Case for Anti-graft Law'.