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Alumna Dr. Yu-hyun Lee (Class of 1994) Donated Scholarship Fund
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Alumna Dr. Yu-hyun Lee (Class of 1994) donated 30 million KRW to scholarships. Dr. Yang-Jo Seol, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs expressed gratitude at the official ceremony by saying, "I heard that our alumna Dr. Yu-hyun Lee studied in harsh economic condition when she was attending our school. I admire and thank her for becoming a successful dentist and donating such a large amount of fund for juniors by not giving up and studying hard. We will make good use of the scholarship".


Dr. Yu-hyun Lee stated, "I had a part time job even right before I took the national examination. However, I did not think of the situation as a hardship, I thought it would be a good stepping stone for me. I hope my juniors could overcome their adversity by remembering that 'The mind controls the body' and I also hope they become a great dentist who not only treats patients but uplifts the spirit of others".