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2019 SNUSD Dental Medi-Care Business Incubator Symposium
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Dental Medi-Care Business Incubator Symposium was held in SNUSD on May 31th, 2019, with a theme 'Preparation and practice for dental bio technology start-up, getting ready for the new future'. Dean and associate dean of SNUSD, director in division of research policy, and representatives of companies with membership attended, and other faculty members and graduate students who are interested in business start-up also participated.

 Renowned speakers in business set-up field shared lectures for SNU members. The lectures included cases of technology commercialization in dentistry field, procedures such as patent application and technology transfer that is needed for technology start-up, how venture companies attract investment.
 The symposium gave chance to share the current state and vision of dental bio technology start-up, and prepare for the future.