Research Center
BK21 PLUS Dental Life Science
Chief Learning Officer : Hyun-Mo Ryoo
Dental disease is one of major social issues in the aging era. It also can cause general disease. Thus, it has become necessary to make a diagnosis and develop therapeutic technology of dental disease for national health promotion and dental industry development. It is significant to maintain the world’s leading class in dentistry, reduce government health spending, and increase creative research capacity for dentistry to develop high value added dental therapeutic technology.
The domestic dental research has been reaching the world’s leading level thanks to the success of the first and second BK21 project. The key to enhance the level is continuous development of future-based creative talent.
This project, by cultivating world-class professional research manpower capable of translational research on dental disease and creative applied research combining life science and engineering, aims to develop future-based creative talent to reduce government spending on dental care and lead the development of dental industry. The particular goals are as follows; support for curriculum improvement for entire talent development and acquisition of research superiority, and establishment of strategy for globalization and plan for increasing industry-university cooperation.