Academic-industrial Cooperation
Dental Medi-Care Business Incubator
In 2004, the New Dental Technology Business Incubator was established to vitalize support for establishment of dental enterprise, located in the Biomaterial Laboratory.
In April 30th, 2012, it became a designated business incubation center by the Small and Medium Business Administration. There are various dental enterprises that have moved in the currently called Dental Medicare Business Incubator. Now, 7 enterprises have moved in, supporting industry-university cooperative research activity including technology transfer.
  • NIBEC Co., Ltd.
    - Business field : Development of medical material
    - Venture and INNO-BIZ company established by Profs. of Seoul National University School of Dentistry
    - Research and development company combining peptide engineering and drug delivery system through nano bio fusion technology
    - Producing bone graft material, nanofibrous membrane, bone regenerant containing biologically active peptide, periodontal tissue regenerant, tooth whitener, and desensitizer.
    - Business field : Development and sale of oral hygiene products
    - Promoting oral health improvement through higher oral health awareness
    - Promoting advancement of dental products industry including oral hygiene products
    - Developing and introducing oral health improvement service available from the dentist
  • DERI Asia
    - Business field : Service – Research and Development
    - Venture company for industry-university cooperative development running a development team in the affiliated laboratory
    - Development and sale of software / Technical service providing / Information technology consulting / System integration
    - Research and development, management of research and development, outsourcing service providing, educational service, system integration consulting, management consulting
  • Tooth Stem Cell Bank Inc.
    - Business field : Development of tooth stem cell
    - Developing periodontal medicine using tooth stem cell from abandoned tooth
    - Developing bio-tooth to replace implant
    - Business field : Building and introduction of health related knowledge and information network, sale of health products, and education on health
    - Aiming at development of both university and industry utilizing the university’s technology and the industry’s capital
    - Contributing to national health promotion and fair social development through conveying to the public not only university’s products, but also the proper instructions and health related knowledge
    - Business field : Bone biology and tissue regeneration (Bone-inducing material, tissue regenerative medicine)
    - Establishing research and production system for protein and peptide based tissue regenerative medicine
    - Developing tissue regenerative medicine and medical device
    - Business field : Research and development of cell therapy products
    - Developing specific disease targeting cell therapy products applicable to patients for skin cells reproduction