Dental Education Training Institute
Director : Kwang-Suk Seo
  • Location : Education center at Seoul National University School of Dentistry
  • Phone : 02-740-8603
  • Website :
The core objectives of the Dental Education Training Institute are to train instructors in the dental and oral health fields, engage in the continuous research and development of dental education systems and curricula to adapt to the ever-changing dental medicine industry, and facilitate exchanges of information with other domestic and international oral health education institutions. Since its establishment, this training institute, in cooperation with the School of Dentistry and the dental hospital, has offered supplementary education for dentists, health lectures for the general public, new faculty workshops for new recruits in dental schools nationwide, orthodontics clinical training to incorporate the latest developments in the field, and dental implant clinical training.

Moreover, as part of the transition to the School of Dentistry, we have undertaken meticulous research to improve our curricula, developed an integrated curriculum which merges clinical and basic dentistry, polished our elective curriculum, and performed research on new curricula incorporating problem-based learning (PBL), a new student-centered pedagogy. The training institute also plans to develop supplementary training programs to foster outstanding dental technicians and dental hygienists, as well as continuing education programs for general dentists to train them in the latest dental materials and techniques.
Training Courses : Implant Training Courses Training period : September to January next year