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Administrative Officers
Title Name Responsibilities Phone
Dean Han, Jung-Suk General administrative works in graduate school +82-2-740-8601
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Seol, Yang-Jo Admission, graduation, transcripts, courses or curriculum,
class, grades and other academic affairs
Associate Dean for Student Affairs Park, Young-Seok Students’ health, welfare, rewards and punishments,
scholarships and student events, physical education, and other student affairs
Associate Dean for Research Affairs Lee, Sung Joong Academic research, management of research funds,
facilities for research and management of equipment
Directors of affiliated organizations
Title Name Responsibilities Phone
Director of Dental Research Institute Baek, Jeong-Hwa In charge of dental research institute +82-2-880-2335
Director of Museum of Dentistry Rhyu, In-Chul In charge of museum of dentistry +82-2-740-8648
Director of Dental Library Lee, Sam-Sun In charge of dental library +82-2-2072-3978
Director of Education and Training Center for Dental Health Science Seo, Kwang-Suk In charge of education and training center for dental health science +82-2-740-0308
Director of BK21 plus SNU Craniomaxillofacial Life Science Ryu, Hyun-Mo In charge of BK21 SNU Craniomaxillofacial Life Science +82-2-740-8749
Contact information on offices
Office Phone
Administrative chief +82-2-740-8608
Administrative assistant +82-2-740-8601
Administrative office – academic affairs +82-2-740-8611
Administrative office – student affairs +82-2-740-8710
Administrative office – planning & Coordation +82-2-740-8607
Administrative office – general affairs +82-2-740-8610
Administrative office – facilities +82-2-740-8613
Administrative office – research, dental research institute +82-2-740-8701
Dental research institute – Core facility +82-2-740-8709
Dental research institute – Animal facility +82-2-740-8712
Dental educational rooms +82-2-740-8750
Education and training center for dental health science +82-2-740-8603
Dental library +82-2-740-8794
Museum of dentistry +82-2-740-8799
Room for production of educational materials +82-2-740-8785
BK21 SNU Craniomaxillofacial Life Science +82-2-740-8746
International office +82-2-740-8716