About Us
Since the establishment of the Gyeongseong College of Dental Medicine in 1922, the Seoul National University School of Dentistry, as Korea’s first dental education institution, has been at the forefront of the development of dentistry in Korea for more than 90 years. We continue with our exceptional endeavor to meet the strong demand for skilled dentists and dental scholars, thus writing a new page of history in dental medicine.
  • 2016. 10
    Seoul National University 70th Anniversary
  • 2015. 04
    The Gwanak dental complex building completed
  • 2014.12
    Professor Jae-il Lee appointed as the 31st Dean and 6th Director
  • 2014.03
    Enrollment of the first class of the joint undergraduate and specialized master’s program
  • 2012.12
    Professor Jae-il Lee appointed as the 30th Dean and 5th Director
  • 2012.12
    Ground-breaking ceremony for the School of Dentistry Advanced Education and Research complex at the Gwanak Campus
  • 2012.10
    SNU School of Dentistry 90th Anniversary ceremony
  • 2012.07
    Launched the Department of Dental Life Sciences
  • 2010.12
    Professor Soon chul Choi appointed as the 29th Dean and 4th Director
  • 2008.12
    Professor Pil Hoon Chung appointed as the 28th Dean and 3rd Director
  • 2008.02
    Opening of the education center
  • 2006.12
    Professor Jong Chul Kim appointed as the 27th Dean and 2nd Director
  • 2005.03
    Professor Pil Hoon Chung appointed as the first Director
  • 2005.03
    Opening of the School of Dentistry
  • 2003.06
    Opening of the dental biomaterial research center
  • 2000.05
    Construction of the dental hospital’s clinical education section and research center completed
  • 1997.02
    Legalization of the dental research laboratory
  • 1995.05
    Opening of the Dental Library as a branch of the SNU central library
  • 1994.08
    Opening of the Museum of Dentistry
  • 1993.05
    SNU dental hospital construction
  • 1980.04
    Dental research laboratory
  • 1978.07
    Opening of the dental clinic at the Seoul National University Hospital
  • 1969.12
    Moved from the Sogong-dong campus to the Yeongun-dong campus
  • 1960.04
    Launched the Dentistry Doctorate program at the graduate school
  • 1959.01
    Launched the Department of Pre-dentistry
  • 1952.04
    Launched the Dentistry Master’s program at the graduate school
  • 1946.08
    Seoul National University School of Dentistry and Hospital
  • 1929.01
    Gyeongseong Dental Professional School (four-year)
  • 1922.04
    Gyeongseong Dental Medicine College (two-year)
  • 1885.05
    Je-Joong-Won began modern dental treatments