International partnership and symposium
SNUSD has gained reputation as an international leading dental school, which contributes partners to be the world’s renowned universities. We have various academic exchange agreements with about 20 dental schools throughout the world such as USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, China, Thailand and etc. They include both faculty and student exchange programs and research collaboration. In addition, Dental research institute, Dental hospital and other research centers in SNUSD organize annual international symposia and seminars with the OIA. The school keeps trying to become an internationalized university and sets its long term goal to become a dental educational hub in the world.
International Externship Program
SNUSD’s senior student (4th grade) have opportunity to enter International Externship Program, which is for 2 weeks. Once student allpies, the Office of International Affairs(OIA) contacts the school where student preferred and arranges the procedure for International Externship program. Approximately more than 30 students participate in this program each year. In addtion, foreign students at other universities, where have MOU with our school, are also able to apply for externship program to their preferred departments through official procedure. There are about 20 students who go through this program from various countries each yaer.
Study at SNUSD and Scholarship
SNUSD welcomes students from variety of backgrounds, who we believe would provide diverse perspectives and dynamic learning atmosphere. Also, we operate Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students(GSFS) which is for students from universities in East, Southeast and Central Asia to help them achieve their dream of continuing graduate studies. In addition, we have many other outside scholarships for foreign students which are supported by Research Foundation, BK21 and etc.
The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)
The Commission on Dental Accreditation(CODA) has been propelled to enhance education of Dental field and perform the social liabilities via operation of autonomic quality.