BS/DDS Combined-degree Program
Introduction of undergraduate program in School of Dentistry
Gyeongseong Dental school which gave the modern dental education was founded in 1922 and it was the beginning of School of Dentistry in Seoul National University. In 1946, School of Dentistry in Seoul National University and affiliated hospital were founded. Since then, we have fulfilled a pivotal role and mission. Up to date, we have 5,757 graduates. In 2005, we were reorganized into Graduate school of dentistry. On the basis of our experience of operating the professional graduate school for 10 years, we envisioned a new type of dental education and we newly established the undergraduate program in graduate school of dentistry in March, 2014.

Undergraduate/ Master integrated program in graduate school of Seoul National University consists of a total of 7 years such as 3 years of undergraduate program and 4 years of professional master program. Graduates (expected) of high school in Korea and other countries and those who are equivalent to high school graduates can apply for the program. Students who complete curriculum required for the undergraduate program for 3 years can enter the graduate school of dentistry after passing the assessment of qualification for graduation. They will start curriculum of dentistry for 4 years.
Goals of education
Goals of education which the undergraduate program in the graduate school of dentistry of Seoul National University pursues are as follows.
  • To develop the abilities to understand the general contents of dentistry on the basis of natural sciences and humanities and social sciences
  • To enhance basic abilities to conduct creative research by developing critical thinking skills
  • To understand the relationships between various academic fields and community members and have social leadership and dedication
  • To actively and self-directly cope with changing society environment and continue to polish up their skills