Academic Affairs
Internal Scholarships
Scholarships Stipends and Allowances
Scholarships for students with excellent academic record (cumulative GPA) Full tuition exemption (one student per each class year)
Tuition Assistance Tuition waiver (10%-50%)
School of Dentistry Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Students Full tuition exemption, Tuition waiver (10%-50%)
Research Allowance (G.S.I) Full tuition exemption + Monthly scholarship
• Students for doctorate program: Monthly 300,000 won Scholarship
• Students for masters program: Monthly 200,000 won Scholarship

For a graduate researcher, only monthly scholarship is provided.
• Graduate researchers for doctorate program: Monthly 900,000 won Scholarship
• Graduate researchers for masters program: Monthly 500,000 won Scholarship
Working Student Scholarship Type I : Monthly 280,000 won Scholarship
Type II : Monthly 420,000 won Scholarship
Seoul National University Development Foundation Scholarship Full tuition exemption or Tuition waiver
External Scholarships
Alumni Association or Research Foundation Scholarship Funds
Alumni Scholarship, Kim Chan Suk Special Scholarship -Osstem
-Yeon Song
-GC Korea
-Gwangrim Church
-Aker Media
-Seoul National University Dental Hospital
-Other Scholarship funds
Dental Education Research Foundation (Special)
- Alumni Special Scholarship
- Byeon Gum Ok Special Scholarship
- Millennium Special Scholarship
- Seo Yeong Gyu Special Scholarship
- Belmont Special Scholarship
- Kim Gwang Nam Special Scholarship
Dental Education Research Foundation (General) - Jang Wan Sik General Scholarship
- 20th General Scholarship
- 9.6th General Scholarship
- Cho Min General Scholarship
- Jeong Tae Yeong General Scholarship
Guaranteed student loan program - Korea Student Aid Foundation (
Seoul National University Financial Aid Support - Seoul National University, Department of Student Welfare
- TEL : +82) 2-880-5078,5079 / FAX : +82) 2-888-9671
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