The Seoul National University, School of Dentistry has 19 departments and 10 interdisciplinary programs providing advanced education and research. The interdisciplinary programs were established to dissolve the barriers to between the various disciplines and operate flexibly to adopt the new paradigm for new educational demands.
Program summary
Programs BS/DDS Program Profession Degree Program(D.D.S) Academic Degree Program(M.S./Ph.D.)
The course of study  Seven(7) years: Three(3) years at B.S. program - Four(4) years at D.D.S. program Four(4) years / 8 Semesters Two(2) years / 4 Semesters
Admission period March March March, September
Credits Requirements B.S. program: 110 credits / D.D.S. program: 165 credits 165 credits Master's: 24 credits / Doctoral: 36 credits / Combined master's/doctoral: 60 credits
Application period November July April, October
Entrance quota 45 90 118
Guidelines for applicants - - -
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Integrated Bachelor's

Department of Dentistry

Department of Dental Science