Student Activities
Introduction of student council
The student council consists of president and vice president, staffs and student members. Among them, president and vice presidents are elected through student election in November every year. They represent graduate students in graduate school of dentistry in Seoul National University to the public. In school, they take actions to promote the rights and benefits of graduate students.

The student council prepares and performs various events such as Saeteo which welcomes new students, Yookguje which is the festival of students in graduate schools of dentistry/ schools of dentistry in Korea, Yeongeon Daedongje which is the festival in Yeongjeon campus and Sangaje. In addition, student president and student vice president participate in small and large events including the alumni meeting in or out of the school as the representatives.

The student council plays an official channel to deliver our opinions about general issues such as student welfare and curriculum. Therefore, we make efforts to help students to have a more comfortable school life despite the tough curriculum.
Organization of student council (2018 / 75st student council)
Classification Name
Student President Sooshin Hwang
Student Vice President No Il Myong
Cultural Department Head Young Woo Jung
Cooperation Department Head Dong Won Yi
Office Managemenr Department Head Jung woo Jung
General Affairs Department Head JinKwon Choi
Self-governing Department Head Yerim Oh