Student Activities
Club association
There are many student clubs and organizations affiliated with School of Dentistry at SNU. Student activities include sports, cultural, performing arts, religious clubs and more. From Basketball to Dental Orchestra, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Participation in clubs is the best way to make friends, to develop your responsibilities and to find your leadership qualities, This will enable you to grow and to learn from new experiences on campus.
Organization of Club association
Classification Name
President association Song. Young Wook
Vice president Park. Byung Min
Secretary Lee. Bum Chan
Organization of Club association
Club activity is a tonic for a life in the graduate school and the opportunity to find your hidden skills by making friends, sharing friendship with senior and junior, having various experiences in other fields except dentistry. Currently, 28 clubs belong to the club association. Most students participate in club activities in various fields such as sports, performing arts and religion