Goals & Competencies
  • To promote student-centered teaching and learning through one-on-one mentorship
  • To conduct a student internship program at the Dentistry Education Center to instill students the ability to quickly adapt to research-based dentistry education
  • To provide a variety of volunteer opportunities that teach students to commit to the dental hygiene profession through active leadership
  • To monitor the learning competency of each student and to ensure the completion of the whole program through a systematic student management system
  • To encourage small group activities and to assist students with various student support program
  • To offer diverse courses and extracurricular activities necessary to achieve core competencies of a graduate of School of Dentistry. To evaluate the level of achievement, and the competency to continue dental education based on the academic performances. To educate students of what they are capable of doing, rather than what they are capable of learning.
  • To provide the above stated education system to students, one-on-one mentorship shall be implemented and the mentoring activities will be conducted in the following areas
    - Course registration for each semester
    - Field trip for each semester
    - Individual portfolio at the end of the semester
    - Individual/group evaluation at the Knowledge Concert
    - Advising on underachievement or career path
img While a masters degree program focuses more on the core curriculum, a student may study in depth through major courses based on topics. Project-based learning allows students to conduct various projects and assignments under the direction and supervision of professors.
What is project-based learning?
It is a dynamic classroom approach designed to teach one of the core competencies that the School of Dentistry requires. This approach allows students to actively explore real-world problems and challenges under the systematic direction and supervision of professors, and to acquire a deeper knowledge and materials.
Program Personality Traits
The following are highly valued personality traits at the Seoul National University School of Dentistry.
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To train each student to have the above personality traits, the School provides and supports both academic and non-academic programs.
Program Core Competencies
To attain the personality traits, students should endeavor to achieve the following five core competencies.
  • Learning Ability
    the ability to learn and to write in a comprehensive and logical manner
  • Communication Ability
    the ability to express own thoughts or opinion, and to express sympathy towards others
  • Servant Leadership Ability
    the ability to serve others and organize group activities
  • Liberal Arts Education
    the ability to be able to discuss the understanding of human and the society in a philosophical way.
  • Self-Management
    the ability to manage time and to take a good care of one’s health