Academic degree program(M.S./Ph.D.)
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Core Courses Molecular Cell Biology 1 3
Molecular Cell Biology 2 3
Ethics of Dental Research 3
Introduction to Dentistry 3
Methodology of Dental Research 3
Biostatistics 3
Reading and Research 3
Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
(Head and neck) Anatomy and Imaging Science Major Digital Anatomy 3
Applied Anatomy of the Head and Neck 3
Signal Transduction in the Nervous System 3
Live Esthetic Anatomy 3
Central Nervous System in Dental Fields 3
Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Virtual Tooth 3
Neural Stem Cell Biology 3
Functional Neuroanatomy 3
Applied Tooth Metrology 3
Applied Head and Neck Muscle Anatomy 3
Neural regeneration 3
Anatomy for Implant Dentistry 3
Development of Permanent dentition 3
Tooth Occlusal Morphologic Patterns 3
Dental anthropology 3
Prediction of occlusal morphology 3
Analysis of facial beauty 3
Craniofacial growth prediction 3
Virtual human anatomy library 3
Illustration anatomy 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Preventive and Social Dentistry Major Basic Oral Health Statistics 3
Advanced Oral Health Statistics 3
Basic Oral Health Epidemiology 3
Advanced Oral Health Epidemiology 3
Oral Epidemiology of Molecular·Genetic 3
Industrial Oral Health Promotion 3
Oral Health Education Methodology 3
School-Based Oral Health Promotion 3
Prevention and Management of Periodontal Disease 3
Prevention and Management of Oral Cancer 3
Development of Community-Based Oral Health Program 3
Oral Health Care Insurance 3
Evidence-Based Oral Health Policy 3
Equity in Oral Health Care 3
Oral Health Promotion for the Disabilities 3
Geriatral Oral Health 3
Advanced Preventive Dentistry 3
Development and Evaluation of Clinical Dental Health Prevention 3
Oral Health Care throughout Lifecycle 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Dental Biomaterials Science Major Esthetic Restorative Biomaterials 3
Dental Bonding Materials 3
Ceramics for Dentistry 3
Dental bone fillers and GBR membrane 3
Polymeric Materials for Dentistry 3
Laboratory Materials for Dentistry 3
Preventive Dental Materials 3
Dental Impression Materials 3
Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials 3
Dental Implant Fixtures 3
Biological Safety Evaluation of Biomaterials 3
Tooth Regenerative Materials 3
Functional Dental Biomaterial Research 3
치과재료용기기분석학개론 ?? 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Healthcare Management and Informatics Major Electronic Medical Record 3
Healthcare Knowledge Representation 3
Biomedical Ontology Engineering 3
Organizational Aspects of Healthcare Institutions 3
Case Study on Healthcare Management 3
Strategic Thinking and Planning 3
Customer Management in Healthcare Services 3
Quality Assurance in Healthcare Institutions 3
Knowledge in Healthcare Management 3
Expressiveness of Healthcare Vocabulary 3
Research Methods in Biomedical Informatics 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Cell and Developmental Biology Major Cellular Signal Transduction 1 3
Topics in Cell Biology 1 3
Topics in Cell Biology 2 3
opics in Cell Biology 3 3
Cellular Signal Transduction 2 3
Topics in Tissue Biology 3
Developmental Biology 1 3
Hard Tissue Biology 3
Extracellular Matrix Biology 3
Systems Biology 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Program in Neuroscience Major Human Salivary Proteomics 3
Membrane Transporter biology 3
Synapse Physiology 3
Principles of Neurobiology 1 3
Principles of Neurobiology 2 3
Advanced Human Physiology 3
Seminars in Neuroscience 1 2
pH and cell function 3
Developmental Neurobiology 3
Glial Cell Biology 3
Tools for Neuroscience Research 3
Calcium Signaling 3
Neuroexocrine Biology 1 3
Neuroexocrine Biology 2 3
Pain in Dentistry 3
Seminars in Neuroscience 2 2
Gene therapy in salivary glands 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Immunology and Microbiology Advanced Oral Microbiology 3
Molecular Basis of Microbial Pathogenicity 3
Basic Immunology 3
Advanced Immunology 3
Molecular Microbiology 3
Immunogenetic Basis of Oral Diseases 3
Experimental Immunology 3
Seminar on Infection and Immunity 1
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Dental Regenerative Biotechnology Major Topics in Regenerative Dentistry 3
Biomaterial Engineering for Tissue Regeneration) 3
Stem Cell Differentiation 3
Stem Cell-based Accomo-evolution 3
Stem Cell Differentiation 3
Dental Nanobiotechnology 3
Growth factor and Genetic Engineering for Dental Regeneration 3
Dental Tissue Engineering 3
Material-Cell Biointerfacial Phenomena 3
Stem cell Self-organization 3
Regulation of Stem cell properties by physical stress 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Cancer and Developmental Biology Major Methods in developmental biotechnology 3
Topics in developmental biology 3
Stem cell biology 3
Methods in stem cell biotechnology 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Molecular Genetics Major Principles of Molecular Genetics 3
Current topics in molecular genetics 3
Human molecular genetics 3
Introduction to Pharmacogenomics 3
Clinical genetics 3
Current topics in Cytogenetics 3
Functional Genetics 3
Structure and function of proteins 3
Biotechnology Concepts and Techniques 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Oral Pathology Major Pathology of Dental Hard Tissue 3
Oral Infectious Disease 3
Cell Biology of Oral Tumors 3
Biology of Tumor Markers 3
Introduction to Molecular Pathology 3
Tumor Matrix Biology 3
Hisomorphometry in Pathology 3
Ultrastructural Pathology 3
Head and Neck Inflammation and Eound Healing 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Prosthodontics Major Topics in Partial Denture Prosthodontics 3
Biomechanics in Prosthodontics 3
Studies in Prosthodontic Rehabilitation 3
Advanced Prosthodontics Treatment Planning 3
Special Research in Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics 3
Special Research in Partial Denture Prosthodontics 3
Advanced Clinical Prosthodontics 3
Implant Prosthodontics 3
Advanced Dental Ceramics 3
Stomatognathic Function and Occlusion 3
Implant Prosthodontics 3
Clinical Restorative Implant Prosthodontics 3
Methodology of Prothodontic Research 3
comtemporary prosthetic restorations using CAD/CAM methods 3
Advanced studies in prosthetic rehabilitation 3
Contemporary studies and issues in Dental Prosthodontics 3
Topics in fixed prosthodontics 3
Theories of full mouth rehabilitation 3
Introduction to clinical trials in prosthodontics 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Conservative Dentistry Major Introduction to Instrumentation for Dental Polymer Characterization 3
Pulp Irritant 3
Pulp Disease 3
Conservation of Pulp Vitality and Pulp Response 3
Practice in Clinical Endodontics 3
Non-Surgical Endodontics 3
Surgical Endodontics 3
Retention of Filling Materials 3
Periapical Pathosis 3
Microbiology in Endodontics 3
CAD/CAM Restoration 3
Dentin-Pulp Complex Biology 3
Contemporary Esthetic Restoration 3
Microscopic Endodontics 3
Conservative Esthetic Restoration 3
Biomechanics in Composite Restoration 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Major Surgery of Salivary Gland 3
Functional Structure and Disorders of Temporomandibualr Joint 3
Specific Odontogenic Infection 3
Orthognathic Surgery 3
Maxillofacial Reconstruction Surgery 3
Seminar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Prosthesis 3
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Prosthesis 3
Maxillofacial Implantology 3
Maxillofacial Microsurgery 3
Craniomaxillofacial Cosmetic Surgery 3
Surgery for Maxillary Sinus Disease 3
Maxillofacial Molecular Biology 3
Oral and Maxillofacial Teratology 3
Surgical Pathology in Oral Mucosa 3
Emergency Maxillofacial Surgery 3
Odontogenic Tumor 3
Seminar in Oral and Maxillofacial Oncology 3
Craniomaxiallofacial Traumatology 3
Cleft Lip and palate Teratology 3
Molecular biologic approach to Oral cancer treatment 3
Maxillofacial distraction osteogenesis 3
Facial profile Management 3
Clinical peripheral nerve regeneration 3
Practice in microsurgery 3
Snoring Sleep Apnea Syndrome 3
Maxillofacial Cosmetic Surgery 3
Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Biomechanics 3
TMD disorders facial asymmetry 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Pediatric Dentistry Major Pulp Treatment for Primary Teeth 3
Hospital Dentistry 3
Child Psychology 3
Orthodontics in Pediatric Dentistry 3
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry 3
Preventive Orthodontics in Pediatric Dentistry 3
Dentistry for Handicapped Child 3
Maxillofacial Growth and Teeth Eruption 3
Traumatic Infuries to Primary and Developing Tooth 3
Application of Fluorides in Pediatric Dentistry 3
Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry 3
Oral Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry 3
Methods in Research of Pediatric Dentistry 3
Pediatric Esthetic Restoration 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Periodontology Major Oral Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques 3
Peri-Implantitis 3
Periodontal Medicine 3
Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy 3
Sinus Lift Procedures for the Deficient Maxillary Posterior 3
Ridge Preservation 3
Prevention in Periodontics 3
Biology of Periodontium 3
Transplantation of Periodontal Tissue 3
Periodontic-Prosthodontic- Restorative Dentistry 3
Esthetic Implantology 3
Guided Tissue Regeneration 3
Periodontal plastic surgery 3
Guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry 3
Periodontal microbiology 3
Research methods for Periodontology 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Major Three Dimensional Imaging Diagnosis 3
Radiographic Anatomy of Oral and Maxillofacial Region 3
Seminar in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology 3
Ultrasonography of Head and Neck 3
Diagnostic Imaging of Temporomandibular Joint 3
Diagnostic Imaging of Salivay Gland 3
Diagnostic Imaging of Paranasal Sinuses 3
Principles of Digital Imaging 3
Implant Imaging 3
Head and Neck Radiation Oncology 3
Imaging Physics 3
Imaging Diagnosis of Oral and Maxillofacial Region 3
Diagnostic Imaging Physics 3
Radiation Health Physics 3
Imaging for Oral and Maxillofacial Infection 3
Computer Assisted Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 3
Imaging For Trauma in Head and Neck 3
Analysis for Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Oral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis Major Dental Practice and Documents 2
Research of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine 2
Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 2
Diagnosis of Emergencies in Dental Practice 2
Diagnostic Cytology in Dentistry 2
Principles of Differential Diagnosis of Oral Soft Tissue Lesions 2
Laboratory Aids for Diagnostic Stomatology 2
Orofacial Myology 2
Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome 2
Geriatric Dentistry 2
Craniofacial Pain 2
Clinical Forensic Odontology 2
Myofascial Pain 2
Headache and Facial Pain 2
Gnathography 2
Individual Identification 2
Bite Marks 2
Psychology in Dentistry 2
Oral Soft Tissue Immunology 2
Sialogy 2
Sleep Disorders in Dentistry 2
Physical Therapy 2
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Orthodontics Major Functional Appliance Treatment 3
Behavioral Science in Orthodontics 3
Dentition Development 3
Biomechanics Using Orthodontic Mini-Implant 3
Dentofacial Orthopedics 3
Removable Orthodontic Appliance 3
History of Orthodontics 3
Diagnosis of Malocclusion 3
Roentgenographic Cephalometrics 3
Etiology of Malocclusion 3
Maxillofacial Growth and Development 3
Orthodontic Biomechanics 3
Orthodontics for Cleft Lip and Palate 3
Materials in Orthodontics 3
Orthodontics for Maxillofaical Deformity 3
Esthetics in Orthodontics 3
Mandibular Kinesiology 3
세부전공 교과목국문명칭 학점
Dental Anesthesiology Major Anesthesia for Dental Treatment of Disabled Patients 3
Anesthesia and Respiratory System 3
Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring 3
Outpatient Anesthesia 3
Sedation 3
Pain Control 3
Emergencies in the Dental Office 3
Pediatric Dental Anesthesia 3