The DDS program at SNUSD is widely recognized as one of the finest in the world, having trained numerous outstanding dental practitioners and scientists. At the heart of the program is a striving for excellence in education and research. This four-year graduate program offers over 160 courses ranging from biological sciences and basic dentistry to clinical practicum.

To provide students with professional skills necessary for practicing dentistry, SNUSD offers a variety of student-centered, patient-oriented dental education programs.
Goals of education
  • Can establish the system to train dentists who can meet the professional needs of 21st century knowledge- based society
  • Can explore the possibility of developing the dentistry in conjunction with other disciplines by giving the education of dentistry to those who have diverse and broad academic backgrounds
  • Can prepare for opening the healthcare service in the future by introducing the educational system which complies with international standards of healthcare in the age of globalization
  • Can open the ways to become a dentists for those who have a distinct purpose and motivation even though they graduate from College by expanding the program for training dentists to the graduate program because it was limited at the stage for college entrance
Master program
Completion of course Students must earn a total of 165 credits for 8 semesters and GPA must be 2.0 or higher in all courses.
(※ 'Thesis research’ is mandatory. From the first semester of the third year, you must earn a total of 8 credits)
Failure and expulsion
If a student gets an academic grade which does not meet the required standards, it is mandatory that he/she retains in the same year. It is a one-year period.
However, if he/she who had already failed fails again in the same year or he/she fails for a total of three times during the program, he/she will be expelled.
Subjects of failure
Those who have the GPA of 1.7 or lower or get an ‘F’ grade
Those who fail in previous year must retake the course in which he/ she got ‘C+’ or lower grade. If he/ she thinks it is necessary to retake the course in which he/ she got ‘B-‘ or higher grade, he/ she can retake the course.
Graduation and Degree Ceremony End of February each year